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Via the Documents and Templates section you can download individual templates and support documents or zipped folders containing all documents for a specific phase.

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Process Guide

The Process Guide, or rather process guides, contain detailed information on the phases, stages and activities that make up the CHAMPS2 method. Each phase, stage and activity contains a narrative and provides links to additional resources, such as 'How To' guides, worked examples, background information and templates (at the bottom of each page).

The Process Guide is divided into a number of different views of the CHAMPS2 method. The first view, CHAMPS2 Full, contains the full version CHAMPS2. The next CHAMPS2 Lite can be used for smaller change initatives.  The remaining views can be used to view the CHAMPS2 method based on subsets divided by the viewer's role.

You can navigate between the CHAMPS2 views by selecting them from the top menu.  Inside each of the views, you can explore the phases, stages and activities via the menu on the left.

Remember, you can also use the keyword search facility, available in the top right hand corner of the screen, to find information on a specific topic or for example locate a specific document.